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SAS - Stand Against Slavery
NZBMS - The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society

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Kia ora and welcome,

My name is Peter Mihaere and this is… petermihaere.com.

This site is primarily a depository of my writings and meanderings on many topics, particularly as a leader and an abolitionist. I pursue life from a Christian worldview so I am influenced and informed by my faith.

Much of my activity is done through my social media platforms indicated below. As you have a poke around I hope you find something helpful, perhaps even inspirational.

Thanks for dropping by… PJ.

My Why

Enslaved People Matter

As an abolitionist, I believe human beings have the unalienable right to be free. Therefore it is my calling as a fellow human being to fight for that right.

I fight for freedom by being the best abolitionist I can. I do that through Stand Against Slavery as its Chief Executive.

Leaders Matter

As a leader, I believe that the brightness of the future will always rest on the shoulders of its leaders. Therefore I will do whatever I can to help a leader thrive.

I provide leadership coaching necessary for leaders and their followers to thrive. This is achieved through the equal development of a persons leadership ‘doing’ and ‘being’.