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SAS - Stand Against Slavery
NZBMS - The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society

Stop Human Trafficking

By | 2017-04-11T14:50:37+12:00 October 27th, 2012|Categories: Abolition, Human Trafficking, NZBMS Articles, Slavery|

I reached across a crowded room during a Pastors' Conference in Hanmer Springs. Murray Robertson, former Pastor of Spreydon Baptist Church and head of the Leadership Network, stretched out his hand. "You need to read this," he said, passing a book to me. I was instantly grabbed by the title, "God in a Brothel." In this [...]

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Turn the light on

By | 2017-04-11T14:50:37+12:00 October 2nd, 2012|Categories: NZBMS Articles|

Last month I attempted an answer to the question, “How do we measure the results of the work done by the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society?” This got me thinking about what other questions our readers might have. I’d invite you to send through any questions you might have about NZBMS. If it’s appropriate to reply [...]

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