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SAS - Stand Against Slavery
NZBMS - The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society

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Because Enslaved People Matter


In December 2004 I was introduced to the world of slavery. Since that introduction I have had a deep yearning in my soul to fight for a slave free world. You might say that being an abolitionist is my calling in life. It’s the injustice issue in the world that I intentionally spend time and energy on.

In 2012 I felt the need to explore this issue further and took a six month sabbatical in 2013. During that sabbatical I observed three things:

  1. Slavery and Human Trafficking is run by a sophisticated criminal network.
  2. By and large the anti-slavery movement is unsophisticated, poorly coordinated and under resourced.
  3. It is completely overwhelming for the general public to know how to be involved in the anti-slavery movement.

In November 2013 I founded Stand Against Slavery (SAS). With the assistance of New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS) and the Baptist Union of New Zealand (BUNZ) SAS was established as a Baptist justice initiative. As the Chief Executive of SAS I am able to put legs to the calling of being an abolitionist.


Stand Against Slavery (SAS)

We gather around the common belief that all humans were made in the image of the creator God. It follows then, that every human being has certain unalienable rights that should never be contravened. Among these is the right to be free.

We believe that the only way to rid our world of the tyranny of slavery is for those with the power, to work together for those who are yet to have power. Our purpose is to stand together for as long as is necessary to see a slave free world.

We are convinced that there are five essential ingredients to creating an environment for a slave free world, and we are committed to investing our entire lives to ensuring these five ingredients flourish in our world. These essential ingredients are collaboration; knowledge; spotlight; action; and strength.

Knowing our ‘Why’ and ‘How’ enables us to actively participate. Our participation is identified through two key operational elements, SAS Consulting; and SAS Advocacy.

For more about what I and SAS does please go to www.standagainstslavery.com.