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SAS - Stand Against Slavery
NZBMS - The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society

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Who am I?

Peter Juan Mihaere – husband | father | follower | leader | learner | abolitionist | leadership coach

I enjoy technology in all its forms, playing golf and anything that involves coffee. I have also been known to hunt down hidden caches in the worldwide geocaching game.  I love watching Rugby from an armchair or live.

I am married to Michele (since 12th April 1986) and we have produced two daughters, Jamila and Shanae.

Three of us live in South Auckland, New Zealand, and one Jamila lives in London, England.

I am indigenous to New Zealand. I am 100% Maori – through my Father, a descendant of Ngati Kahungunu belonging to the tribe of the same name, and I am 100%  Scottish/Shetland Islands – through my Mother, a descendant of the Rutherford and Pickering clans.

I was born in May 1963 and I am the oldest of five children – three sisters and one brother. My brother was born at Ten-to-ten (9:50pm) on my tenth birthday.

My faith is an important part of who I am and my journey can be aligned with the book of Philippians, in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. You can read it here at biblegateway.com. I’ve offered a couple of versions for you to read.  There are four chapters to the book so click the navigation buttons at the top to move through to chapter two and so on.

I spilt my work life across two spheres, abolition and leadership coaching.


Why? Because enslaved people matter.

I am currently the Chief Executive Officer of Stand Against Slavery (SAS), an abolition organisation based in New Zealand. As part of my SAS work I also sit on a number of boards and committees including:

Board Directorships

  • Marketplacers International Limited
  • Freeset International Limited

Committee Memberships

  • BWA Commission for Social & Economic Justice (2015 to 2020)
  • Consulting Group on People Trafficking (NGO/NZ Government)
  • NZ Network Against People Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking Research Coalition

Leadership Coaching

Why? Because leaders matter.

With over thirty years of experience in leadership roles in both the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas I am uniquely equipped to coach leaders and offer this to leaders of all levels, ages, and stages. For the services I offer go to my Leadership Coaching page.

Much of my working life has been in Corporate NZ where I spent over 15 years in a variety of roles, mainly in the Human Resource Management arena, in both practitioner/leadership roles in companies like New Zealand Insurance, Clear Communications and TeleTech International, and consulting roles for leading workplace survey and analysis company JRA (formerly John Robertson & Associates).

My experience can be distilled to Strategic Development, Organisational Development, and Leadership Development. Leadership Development was the most enjoyable and passionate area of corporate work life.  My full profile can be seen on LinkedIn.

I have served in church leadership for over 25 years including paid pastoral and lay leadership positions. I have also been in denominational leadership roles since 2001.

I consider my unique contribution to church leadership groups to be experience and understanding from both the pastoral and lay perspectives of church life. My Dad was also a Pastor, so I understand intimately the life of Pastoral Ministry.

My most significant leadership role in Christian Ministry was being the General Director of The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, where I served for eight and a half years .

I am enrolled and completing a Masters programme at Fuller Theological Seminary, California, USA majoring in Global Leadership (MAGL).

I am currently interested in developing my learning and discussion around the intersection of abolition, trauma, and leadership. A working thesis topic is “Leadership in the context of Trauma” and I would love to research it as a PhD topic one day.