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Faith and Money can co-exist

I once heard the phrase… “if things are not going well in your life, first look at what you are giving away.”

As a Christian I was taught very strongly about the concept of tithing. That is, giving a portion of your earnings to God. There are lots of different theories on it from giving 10% to nothing to everything.

All the arguments have their pluses and minuses and quite frankly my position on it is… give what you hear God saying to you to give and don’t deviate from it.

What I (and my wife) have learnt from the moment we were first married was, faithfully give what God has laid on your heart and he will be faithful to you.

I often say that Michele, my wife and best friend, married me for my money… the money I owed!

We were poor (by NZ standards) and we didn’t have much to live on. Often there was 20 cents left in the bank account. Sometimes when we were good there might be a dollar left and we might treat ourselves to a plain cheese roll each which cost us 15 cents each. On an excellent week we might be able to afford a French stick with cheese on it. Wow! We savoured every mouthful.

But here is what is important. We gave money we had earnt to God, based on what he had told us to give. We did so dilligently and I can look back on all that we have now and say we have it because of our faith in God and being obedient to him. So much so that we have had the privelege of helping others. That is seriously cool stuff.

So learn with me. Faith and money can co-exsist, simply by giving it away.


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