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I don’t have a problem with Easter Trading and I’m a Christian

[This article was written for the Manukau Courier and published 10 April 2017 – link]
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I never had a problem back in the day when we decided Sunday trading became legal, and I don’t have a problem with Easter trading, on any of the days. For me to say otherwise would be hypocritical.

I have been a Christian for forty-five years, and my parents were pastors and I have been in Christian ministry since about 2002.

I don’t ever recall pondering, for even a nanosecond, what day it was and then deciding not to walk into a shop to buy something. The only times I actually didn’t go into a shop was on the public holidays that didn’t open and that usually annoyed me.

To some in society that will probably mean I will end up in eternal damnation, but I doubt it. Others might say I’m not really a Christian, but they would be wrong. Some might get all moral on me and say the reason for these days is to ensure me and my family, and workers, get rest, yeah whatever. Good for you if you have never shopped on a Sunday or ecstatic about not shopping on Easter Sunday, I hold you in awe of your achievement and wish you well into the future.

Do we all need rest and recreation? Do we all need to learn and understand the need for balance in our lives? Do we need to spend more time with family? Do we need to consider the idea of a Sabbath (a rest day) in our lives? Of course we do, and I really do encourage people to think about this, but should we legislate all or some of that? Get real! We live in a 24/7 world and we have to learn how to cope within that reality, and not allowing Easter trading will not change that for me, and I suspect most of us. I wrote about this last year on my blog in a bit more of a religious tone… check it out if you are interested.

Happy Easter everyone, I’m looking forward to the time off I’ll get and the opportunity to reflect on the real reason for Easter, and that will include driving to the Bay of Plenty to meet my new nephew on Easter Sunday. Sorry folks but I will be purchasing petrol and a few goodies on that day and I’m very appreciative of those who are rostered on to serve me.


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