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Because Leaders Matter



With over thirty years of leadership experience in a variety of vocations, industries, and environments in both the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas I am offering individuals, teams, companies and industries in every sphere of society my experience to coach leaders to the zenith of their being.

My services are structured around a clients specific needs and usually fall with one of four types of services, one-on-one coaching; group/team coaching; leadership development programmes; or speaking engagements. Further details can be found below.


Why Choose Me?

  • Proven leadership experience over thirty years
  • I have operated at the executive leadership, as well as middle management, level of organisations
  • Since 2002 I have provided coaching and mentoring to experienced and developing leaders
  • My leadership experience has been in both the for-profit and not-for-profit environments
  • I have a special interest in inter-cultural leadership environments
  • I have been corporately trained to develop comprehensive leadership programmes
  • I am currently completing a Masters in Global Leadership through Fuller Seminary, Pasadena USA
  • See my LinkedIn Profile for a full appraisal of my experience here.

My Services

Whether it is coaching a new leader to effectiveness; helping an experienced leader move to the executive leadership dimension; or helping an executive leader build a legacy, my experience in many different facets of leadership enable me to offer sound advice of the leader.

The specific services I offer a leader one-on-one include:

  • Professional supervision
  • Regular leadership mentoring
  • Development coaching
  • Developing life and career plans
  • Life and work congruency advice

Whether an organisation is growing or has been well established, a key component of an organisations success is it’s approach to leadership development. I am able to coach those responsible within an organisation to develop its human resource; it’s Executive leaders; and teams of leaders. In unique situations I can help develop and deliver those leadership programmes.

The specific services I offer include:

  • Organisational Leadership Assessments
  • Recommend approaches to development of leader unique to each organisation
  • Effective team leadership advice and coaching
  • Executive leadership team dynamics
  • Assist in the creation of leadership development solutions
  • Assist leaders in their implementation of such solutions
  • Assist in the delivery of leadership development programmes where needed

Many organisations a large and widespread, and on regular or semi-regular basis those who lead in an organisation gather together for various reasons. I am available to provide key note addresses, workshops, seminars, and after meal talks on the subject of leadership specific to an organisations current situation.

The types of topics that I can speak on include:

  • The Leader
  • The Follower
  • Becoming the leader of your dreams
  • Leadership Being or Doing
  • The private and public leader
  • Leading up, down and around
  • “_________ Leadership”. You pick an adjective, and I will speak on it. E.g. Servant Leadership; Courageous Leadership; Emerging Leadership; Humour & Leadership etc. Of course the caveat is there are may be some topics I may choose to decline to speak on.
  • Leadership & Meditation
  • Psycho-dynamic Leadership
  • Co-Leadership
  • Leadership and the legacy you leave behind
  • And many many more topics you might be inclined to request

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