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This ANZAC day I reflect and ask…

This ANZAC day I reflect and ask…

In New Zealand we live and enjoy freedoms many other countries in the world do not because we believe in Justice and Liberty and Freedom for all. Of course nowhere does that mean we get what we want because we make a law or make a loud noise.

Our fallen fought for the right to discuss it, to debate it even, but then to fall on the side of what it right and good for ALL New Zealander’s.

This ANZAC day I reflect and ask…

Have the choices we have made in the last decade as a country, been right and good for all of New Zealand? Sadly, I think not.

Kiwi men and women stepped up and went to war because their country called them to do respond… if our country called us today, would we respond? Sadly, I think not.

In fifty years will people come out early on 25th for the ANZAC parades and look back to this generation here in 2013 and say in full chorus, thank God they were there for us? Sadly, I think not.

Can we change that picture? Yes, yes we can. There are some forgotten hero’s, still a live, that fight a different war but for the same cause… of justice and liberty for all.

I am writing and posting this from Phnom Penh waiting for my flight home. Sadly, I will miss the 25th April in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I am sitting here in a country that is still recovering from the Khmer Rouge and the genocide that will ever scare the history of this beautiful nation. You see war is remembered and also those who have fallen, but who remembers those who come after war and spend lifetimes trying to help nations recover from war.

Here in Cambodia I met some kiwis among others, who need to be held up as heros for the tireless work they have done in helping this nation back to health. There are also kiwis in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Macau, Myanmar, Africa, the middle east, Europe, and the Americas who need to be acknowledged for their tireless work as well.

That work… is the work of helping people who don’t have a voice… those trapped in the injustices of the world… aftermarth of war, poverty, disease, prostitution, slavery, debt bondage, and many many more things…

Our soldiers fought to give justice and liberty to all… but these 21st century kiwis, also fight in the trenches of the world and they fight for justice and liberty. Where is their ANZAC day? Where is their acknowledgment? Where is the march for their effort? Some have fallen too you know? some have sacrificed their lives and their belongings to be out here… so that justice and liberty is given to the voiceless of the nations.

Lets remember them tomorrow as well.

Booyah to kiwis the world over who have stood up in face of adversity and have sought or seek now justice and liberty… you are all heros to me. You are as much a hero to me as those who carried arms and stopped an advancing enemy. Your heroism comes because the advancing enemy in your trench is simply too overwhelming to beat without more standing getting in those trenches and fighting along side, yet you soldier on, you pick yourself up, wounded at times, and carry on to win the battle, the war.

Booyah kiws, Booyah!

That’s all I have to say!

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